We are a health conscious café doing things a little different.

Enjoy fresh, healthy meals and meal prep services for you and your family. Drop by our store, pick up your meals and say hello. Want more convenience? Order your meals online and we’ll take care of the rest.

This Week's Menu

Beef Meatloaf/Yams

Turkey Patties/Yams/Spinach

Creamy Dill Salmon/Potatoes/Asparagus

House Salad with Chicken Breast

Seasoned Chicken Breast/Jasmine Rice/Broccoli

Chipotle Coconut Chicken Breast/Jasmine Rice/Broccoli

Vegan Menu

Tofu "Egg salad" on Tumeric Rice

Tofu with Peanut Sauce/Brown Rice/Spinach

Chic Pea/Mushroom Stirfry on Brown Rice

Lentils & Tumeric Rice with Cauliflower

Breakfast Menu

Steak & Egg Scramble/Hashbrowns

Balanced Foodie

(only available for Sunday Delivery orders)

Beef Stew

Potato Latkes/House Applesauce/Sausage

Cheesiest Macaroni and Cheese

Treats Menu

Gluten Free Protein Donuts (Assorted 3 pack)

Protein Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Fit Fix Cafe

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