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Meal Prep Services

Enjoy fresh, healthy meals and meal prep services for you and your family. Order your meals online and we'll take care of the rest.


Here's what's on the menu

Updated Weekly

  • Client Favourite Asian Beef/Jasmine Rice/Broc

    Macros: 35p/40c/10f

  • Seasoned Chic Breast/Jasmine Rice/Asparagus

    Macros: 35p/40c/15f

  • Balsamic Steak/Brown Rice/Roasted Veg

    Macros: 30p/40c/15f

  • Pork Meatball/Brown Rice/Broc

    Macros: 30p/40c/10f

  • Beef Tomato Meatsauce on Penne

    Macros: 30p/40c/10f

  • Steak & Eggs Skillet

    Macros: 37p/35c/8f

  • Spinach Eggwhites with Potatoes

    Macros: 26p/35c/11f

  • Yam Pancakes

    Macros: 15p/40c/10f

  • Cajun Steak & Mixed Veg

    Macros: 30p/15c/10f

  • Chic Breast & Greens Salad

    Macros: 40p/5c/15f

  • Steak Cobb Salad (contains feta and pecans)

    Macros: 38p/10c/50f

A La Carte

  • 9oz Seasoned Chicken breast

  • 9oz Cajun steak

How it works

You Order

1. Order your meals from our chef's meal packages or meal bundles.

We Prepare

2. We source the finest ingredients & prepare the meals with you in mind.

We Deliver

3. The meals are delivered fresh right to your doorstep.

You Eat

4. Our fully prepared meals are ready to eat in 2-4 mins. Enjoy!