We are a health conscious café doing things a little different.

Enjoy fresh, healthy meals and meal prep services for you and your family. Drop by our store, pick up your meals and say hello. Want more convenience? Order your meals online and we’ll take care of the rest.

This Week's Menu

Client favorite Asian Beef

Classic Seasoned Chicken Breast

House Salad with Chicken Breast

Coconut Pork Skillet

Caribbean Beef Chilli

Sizzlin Steak

Ginger Pork Meatball

Thai Peanut Butter Chicken

Vegan Menu

Tofu & Cashew Stirfry

Moroccan Chic Pea Penne

Black Bean Pattie

Southwestern Blackbean Chilli

Breakfast Menu

Steak & Eggs/Hashbrowns

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Treats Menu

Protein Choc Chip Cookies

GIHFT Shop Protein Donuts

Fit Fix Cafe

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